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  • Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe Dentistry is part of ProCare Family Dental’s holistic approach to the health of your teeth, your overall health as well and the environment.   

            Mercury Free Dentistry, Morton Grove              Mercury Free Dentistry, Morton Grove   

What is Holistic Dentistry?

It is now recognized in healthcare in general, and particularly in dentistry, that there is a significant correlation between what happens in your mouth and the rest of your body. For example, your mouth is THE gateway to your digestive tract and respiratory system; the size, shape and alignment of the upper and lower jaw and teeth affect the ability of these systems to work optimally. As holistic dentists, we also focus on understanding how infections in your gums, teeth and jawbone, as well as dental treatments themselves, can influence your overall health.

At ProCare Family Dental, your Morton Grove Dentist, we use a holistic patient-centered approach. That means , while we’ll always ensure that you get the treatment you need to solve your oral health issues, we’ll always consider your general health too. This includes assessing chronic muscle-contraction headaches, neck aches or jaw pain, breathing difficulties, poor sleep, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea and more.

Another important aspect of the holistic approach is that we care about the materials and substances we use in our treatments. As such, we use materials that are non-toxic and biocompatible and take great care in safely removing mercury/silver amalgam fillings. Whatever your oral health needs, we’ll ensure you always understand the treatments we offer and how the holistic patient-centered approach can help improve your health and wellbeing.

Our Holistic Dental Treatments Include:

  1. Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal: We use the SMART protocol for safely removing amalgam fillings
  2. Snoring and OSA: Treatment options for sleep disorders
  3. Sleep Treatment: If you don’t sleep well, it can increase your risk of diseases
  4. Breathing Well: Imbalances in the way we breathe can impact body chemistry and blood pH
  5. Headache Treatment: Headaches are an example of how oral health can impact overall wellbeing
  6. Initial Consultation: We will assess both your general and oral health

Mercury-Free Dentistry in Morton Grove

Mercury Amalgam Removal

                        Amalgam Fillings Removal: Before & After Photos

‘Silver’ fillings, commonly used in dentistry for over a century, actually contain 50% mercury, which is slowly released. If not well excreted, this mercury is stored in the kidneys, liver and brain. At ProCare Family Dental, we haven’t used mercury/silver amalgam in our practice for over 25 years and take great care in its removal.

Mercury can be slowly released from dental amalgam fillings due to corrosion, friction and temperature changes. The fillings also expand with time, which can crack and erode the teeth. When mercury is released, you will be entirely unaware; it is invisible, odourless and tasteless. However, a significant percentage of the vapour released will be absorbed by your lungs and will enter your bloodstream. While the rate of mercury release may seem minimal, over time, it has the potential to interfere with normal functions within the immune system, reproductive system, neurological system and more.

According to the World Health Organisation, since 1991, it has been recognised that mercury/silver fillings are the greatest source of mercury in humans. Careful removal is key to reducing ongoing exposure. However, it must be done extremely carefully to minimize your exposure. At ProCare Family Dental, we use the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART), a set of safety measures to reduce mercury exposure, during all amalgam filling removals. The SMART protocol was developed as a result of scientific research and is regarded as the highest international standard and safest way to remove amalgam, which means you are in the safest possible hands. We then focus on replacing your fillings with more biocompatible, aesthetic and long-lasting alternatives such as resin or ceramic restorations.

In the European Union, dental filling regulations have begun to take effect. Last year, the European Union adopted a regulation that banned amalgam use in children under the age of 15 years old, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. The use of mercury-silver, or amalgam, dental fillings has been banned in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

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