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Correct Your Smile In Style with Ceramic Braces:

  • An Alternative To Metal Braces…Clear Braces! As Effective as Metal Braces without the metal look!

  • Affordable Clear Braces in Morton Grove. Flexible 0% Interest Financing Plans are also available

Dr.  Perry  Danos  and  BracesWhat are clear ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are also called “clear”, “white” or “tooth colored” braces and are a popular choice for both teenagers and adults for orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces in Morton Grove is a clear braces system made from white or translucent ceramic of high strength, which easily blends with the color of your teeth.  These top-of-the-range clear brackets are rounded with smooth surfaces to provide maximum patient comfort and diffuse light better, to make them almost invisible on the teeth.

The working mechanics of these braces is like metal braces and consist of clear brackets and arch-wires. Transparent elastic bands may be used to fix the archwire to the brackets. These are the type of braces actor Tom Cruise had when he opted for orthodontic treatment. Clear braces offer a unique cosmetic advantage over conventional metal appliances. Most people will not be able to notice these braces at all!

Cost of clear ceramic braces? Check-out our Special for Affordable Clear and Metal Braces in Morton Grove.

At ProCare Family Dental, ceramic braces are chosen by many of our patients, particularly adults. The cost of ceramic braces generally ranges between $2,500 and $5,900, depending upon your case complexity, whether it is a single arch treatment or both upper-lower arches are being treated, and treatment time. 

Our prices are the most affordable in Morton Grove and Chicago area and include a free initial orthodontic consultation(one per family), interest-free payment plans, small initial down-payment, orthodontic records, orthodontics X-rays and free orthodontic retainers.

If you are looking for an affordable and uncompromising quality orthodontic treatment in Morton Grove, give us a call on 847-965-6223 to make your free orthodontic consultation (one per family).

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