No Dental Insurance?

  • Join our Dental Savings Plan today and enjoy free dental exams, free x-rays and free dental cleanings, plus up to 20% off all other dental services!

Affordable Dental Coverage Available for Uninsured Patients.

We developed our In-House Dental Savings Plan for our existing patients and  new patients who do not have Dental Insurance. Our Dental Plan allows us to offer Quality Dental Care at more attractive fees for the entire family. Members of our Dental Plan, for a small annual membership fee, get the needed Preventive Dental Care (Cleanings, Exams, X-rays, Fluoride) for free and will gain access to our reduced fee schedule up to 20% off our Usual & Customary (U&C) fees for 12 months.

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How it works:

Membership Includes the Following Services at No Charge:

  • Dental Exams– (Two per year)
  • Emergency Exam & X-Ray– (One per year)
  • Series of X-Rays–(6 Digital x-rays-once per year)
  • Dental Cleanings– (Two per year) In Absence of Gum Disease
  • Fluoride Treatment– (Two times per year) For patients 12 and under)
  • Up to 20% off– on Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Dentures, Fillings, etc. from our regular fee schedule.


  • Low cost.
  • NO deductibles.
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered.
  • NO Claim forms.
  • NO waiting periods.
  • NO annual maximum.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry is covered.
  • Orthodontics are covered.

Provisions of our Dental Plan:

  • Co-Payments must be paid at time of service.
  • $50 (plus) fee for broken appointments with out 48 hr. notice (Depending on length of appointment).
  • This is NOT a dental insurance product.
  • It CANNOT be combined with any other dental insurance or financing programs such as CareCredit.
  • Membership fees and plan discounts are subject to change on an annual basis.
  • Memberships will automatically renew on the anniversary date.
  • Discounts do not apply on other offers and specials the office runs.