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1. Cost

There is no denying that Quality Dental Care can be expensive. Furthermore, it can seem even more costly if you cannot see, or feel, a reason for having treatment, or see and assess the differences in technical quality of procedures. The financial outlay of dental care can undoubtedly be a factor for delaying important treatment or active maintenance appointments. Avoiding the Dentist Is Costly to Your Smile and Wallet.

How do we help: Regular maintenance appointments can help to avoid the cost of expensive, extensive dental treatment. At ProCare Family Dental our thorough examinations and professional cleaning help to keep your teeth and gums healthy, as well as ensuring that any conditions are identified early and treated before they become too costly.

This honest assessment and preventive approach can assist in helping to reduce the cost of dental care in the long run. We also offer flexible payment plans (For Orthodontics), making maintaining your dental health easier. Ask one of our Front Office Coordinators for more information.

At ProCare Family Dental, our top rated Dentists take the time to explain all aspects of any conditions identified, using photographs and radiographs to show you the effects of these conditions. We also discuss at length, all treatment options available to you. As part of this discussion, you will receive a written treatment plan which outlines all costs so you can plan your treatment budget and appointment times according to what is best for you.

2. Value for money

Dentistry these days can be very confusing. There are so many Dentists practicing, and their fees, relationships with Dental insurers or corporates and appointments can differ significantly. The confusion over how to find a Dentist that offers excellent value for your money can be overwhelming, which may lead to putting off making an appointment.

We are an independent Dental Office in Morton Grove, which means we are not protected by a Dental insurance scheme or a large corporation. Our independent status means:

  • The buck stops with us. As a family owned and independent Dental Office, we must honor our work.
  • Our Dentists and staff will take the time they need to ensure your treatment is carried out carefully and skillfully, using the highest quality dental products. The time our clinicians take is not determined or restricted by the Dental insurer or corporate owner.
  • Exceptional Dental Care and skill extend beyond the treatment room, to our associated Dental laboratories. Our team of experienced Dental Technicians  handcraft all  Dental restorations and dental appliances  only with approved materials. None of our work is outsourced overseas.
  • ProCare Family Dental Dentists, all graduated from American Universities, each receiving Honors or higher. Each clinician invests in their professional development by attending regular training throughout the year.

3. Alternatives When You Can’t Afford Dental Work:

1. Use a Credit Card-Credit card debt is not ideal for your long-term financial health, it can be a convenient solution if you need to undergo treatment like a Root Canal or Crown. Delaying these dental procedures can lead to serious complications or infection, so it is best to receive treatment as soon as possible.

2. Take Advantage of CareCreditMany patients who can’t afford dental work have also turned to CareCredit, a dental credit card, to cover their dental procedure expenses. Our office offers CareCredit Financing. CareCredit offers interest-free financing options for up to 16 months. CareCredit can be used with standard insurance plans for any out of pocket expenses, to finance extensive dental work or for cosmetic procedures not covered by dental insurance. Click here…to see if you are approved. Financing for Dental Care

3. Save-up-Setting aside even just $10 per week can help you eventually achieve your objective. 

4. Explore Dental Insurance Options-you can contact a major dental insurance provider, like BlueCross Dental and Aetna Dental, or Insurance Broker to see what Dental plans they offer to individuals.

5. Take Advantage of Personal Loans-you may want to look for an affordable personal loan that will cover your treatment cost. Then, you can simply pay the loan back along with some interest over time.

6. Capitalize on Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)-HSAs are also an excellent option for paying for a low-cost dental service. HSAs are special savings accounts that allow people to save money for health care and dental costs before tax.

7. Use our Dental Office Membership PlanOne of the best ways to afford dental treatment is to sign up for our dental office’s membership plan. This plan is designed to help people who don’t have dental insurance and can’t afford dental work otherwise.

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