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No matter what your age, having crooked, spaced or crowded teeth is no fun. Kids get teased at school and adults often suffer low self-esteem and confidence problems. Even worse, it can make it harder to brush, floss and keep your teeth clean making you a far greater risk of gum disease.

Depending on your unique needs, Our Cosmetic Dentists in Morton Grove may recommend:

1. Dental veneers: Veneers can be used to change the shape of the teeth and provide a more stable biting surface when there are no other bite concerns.

2. Dental crowns: Covering a misshapen tooth with a custom dental crown can help to realign the teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

3. Tooth bonding: For minor imperfections that can make teeth appear crooked, cosmetic bonding can reshape and restore your tooth for a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing smile.

4. Orthodontics: Using traditional metal or clear brackets and Clear aligners.

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