The Staff at ProCare Family Dental

*The staff at our Dental office is friendly and helpful. They know your name and make you feel welcome.

*They are courteous and warm handling of every patient.

Both Dr. Danos’s (Perry and Penelope) and Dr. Ganios as well as their staff are the most wonderful people and doctors. I highly recommend ProCare Family Dental for any dental needs! -Clara Saliba, Patient, on Google*****


Dr. Perry Danos of ProCare Family Dental in Morton Grove, IL  
      Dr. Perry Danos
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Dr. Penelope Danos of ProCare Family Dental in Morton Grove, IL
 Dr. Penelope Danos
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Dr. Antonio Ganios of ProCare Family Dental in Morton Grove, IL  
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Dr. Danos, Dr. Danos, Dr. Ganios and staff work closely together as a team. They have the specialized training necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat your dental conditions, and offer Cosmetic Dentistry solutions when needed. They stay current on the latest advances in research and treatment so you know you’ll get the most Advanced  Dental Care in Morton Grove at ProCare Family Dental.

“If you’re looking for a top-notch dental practice, you’ve come to the right place. We have been patients for years and this practice only gets better and better – it’s state-of-the-art in every way. But even more important….every doctor and staff member goes out of their way to provide the best experience because they really care about their patients.!” -Jill McKee, Patient, On Google*****


Karla-Office Manager
Janet-Clinical Coordinator
Sabrina-Insurance Coordinator
Cheryl Dental Assistant
Elizabeth-Dental Assistant
Mariza-Dental  Hygienist
Dani-Dental Hygienist
Kim-Dental Hygienist

A Team Approach…Dr. Danos, Dr. Danos, Dr. Ganios, and our staff:The  Doctors  and  Staff  at  ProCare  Family  Dental  in  Morton  Grove

Promise to our Dental Patients….

  • PROFESSIONALISM–Patients deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness and respect, their voices heard and their feelings acknowledged.
  • DEDICATIONOur primary goal is success for each patient. From the time we enter your treatment room, our sole focus is achieving your dental goals.
  • INTEGRITYIntegrity is inherent in all aspects of our conduct. We believe that hearing and knowing the truth are basic patient rights.
  • COMPASSIONOur relationships with patients and their families reflect a deep interest and understanding rarely seen in healthcare.
  • EMPATHY-Being sensitive to the needs of patients and their families.
  • ETHICS-Adhering to the highest moral standards and principles of Dentistry.
  • LISTENINGHeeding the voice of our patients and valuing their feedback.
  • LEARNINGDedicated to widening the horizons of knowledge with continuous Education.
  • ADVANCEMENTSetting ambitious goals and achieving them.
  • RELATIONSHIPSReaching out to the community and serving their needs.
  • RESPONSIBILITYThe promise to treat, prevent and cure within the realms of ethical Dentistry.
  • RELIABILITY–Honesty, fairness in everything we do.
  • RESPECTPreserving the patients’ dignity and rights to privacy, confidentiality and information.

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