Meet The Staff at ProCare Family Dental

    • The staff at our office is  friendly and helpful. They know your name and make you feel welcome.
    • They are courteous and warm handling of every patient.
    • “They Listen, Care and Explain”.

 “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

                                                                                 -Thich Nhat Hanh

Our Dental team includes two Dentists, three dental hygienists, three dental assistants, one receptionist and one office manager. Supporting an office environment that is warm and friendly, our office receptionist greets every patient, and makes every attempt to set appointments that can accommodate your personal schedule. She is also at your service to explain and facilitate insurance and financial arrangements.

Both Dr. Danos, Dr. Ganios and staff work closely together as a team. They have the specialized training necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat your dental conditions, and offer cosmetic dentistry solutions if needed. They stay current on the latest advances in research and treatment so you know you’ll get the most advanced care available.

Our team’s commitment extends beyond your office visits. We stay in touch by newsletters, sharing information about our office and ways you can take better personal care of your teeth. We contact you to see if your most recent treatment is satisfactory, and we call to remind you of upcoming appointments.

Karla, Office Administrator 
Karla, Office Administrator
Penelope Danos
Penelope Danos, Future Dentist
Janet, Lead Dental Assistant
Janet, Lead Dental Assistant



                 Kim, Hygienist


                Daniella, Hygienist


                     Mariza, Hygienist

 Sabrina, Front Desk                   Sabrina, Dental Assistant
 Cheryll, Dental Assistant                            Cheryl, Dental Assistant


       Dr. Janett, DDS, Dentist Associate


woman sitting at computer
              Peggy, Office Manager