Why Choose Our Practice?

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When it comes to picking a dentist, we know that you have options. Personalized, amable, comprehensive patient care is our number one priority.

What Are You Looking For in a Dental Practice?

If you are not sure ProCare Family Dental is right for you, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are you tired of waiting for hours to see your dentist, only to be cared for by a different dentist every visit?
  • Are you weary of corporate practices whose primary consideration is the bottom line?
  • Are you looking for a dentist who is your advocate and who will be available when needed?
  • Do you believe education and experience must be backed by compassion and a gentle touch?
  • Are you looking for a dental practice for your whole family?
  • Is the quality of the support personal important to you?
  • Is access to same-day emergency care an asset for your family?
  • Do patient-focused, individual dental care and a thoughtful approach to each treatment option sound unattainable?
  • That offersCita familiar bloques, para que puedas meter a toda la familia, fuera, y adelante con sus vidas en una sola visita!
  • That offersArtistry with Experience and Superior, First-Class Oral Care
  • GENTLE DENTISTRYWe are NOT heavy-handed clinicians!

If the answer to these questions is “Yes,” then ProCare Family Dental is the right dentist’s office for you. Schedule your appointment today! You got nothing to lose!

Respect, Integrity, and Personal Relationships….Why We’re Different!

As part of our Family-Oriented, comprehensive approach, we get to know our patients and spend time explaining and educating them about their dental needs. Our patients see the same provider for their dental care every time, creating a bond of trust and respect reflected in our compassionate, thoughtful stance when recommending any dental work.

Rather than double-booking appointments or scheduling patients every 15 minutos, we care for one patient at a time. Rest assured, usted siempre está sentado para su cita a tiempo. You have ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss your concerns.

When we feel a referral to a specialist is needed, we refer you to the best Dental Specialists in the area. Our relationship with regional Oral surgeons, periodoncistas, Endodontists, and Pediatric Dentists is founded on professional respect and integrity, ensuring every referral is to a provider who will give you the same personal service and support you get at ProCare Family Dental.

A Standard of Excellence

Comprehensive treatment plans for restorative y cosmetic dentistry ensure the result is always optimal dental health and a beautiful smile. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in personalized dental care. We maintain these standards through continuing education, la latest dental technology, and our work with the finest Dental Labs.

“La excelencia nunca es un accidente. Siempre es el resultado de una alta intención., esfuerzo sincero, y ejecución inteligente; representa la sabia elección de muchas alternativas – elección, no es casualidad, determina tu destino.”

Artistry with Experience and Superior, First-Class Oral Care.

The Doctors at ProCare Family Dental are skilled Dentists with over two decades of experience. They are passionate about providing quality Cosmetic and Restorative care that meets the needs of each patient. Their artistic side contributes to their unique ability to restore and improve their patientssmiles through a complete range of aesthetic procedures, including orthodontics, teeth whitening, and implants. The Doctors listen to every patient, considering their goals, concerns, and budgets to create a treatment plan ideal for them and their lifestyle. The results are truly remarkable……

A Team Approach

  • Our Promise to Patients….Escuchamos, Care and Explain.You will NOT feel rushed.

Dental care is not about the doctor imposing his will on his patients. En ProCare Family Dental, we genuinely care for each other and each patient who walks through our door. Many of us have worked together for over a decade, creating a strong bond that enhances patient care. Our team approach to dental care includes not only your dentist but our friendly dental care team, office staff, y – most importantlyYOU.

Give us a call today at Número de teléfono de ProCare Family Dental (847) 965-6223! You’ll be happy you chose us for your dental needs!

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