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ProCare Family Dental is a Niles, IL area dentist that believes his patients deserve the very best dental care. At every visit, we give our patients 100% of our attention. Our hygienists stay up to date with the latest techniques and dental information to keep your smile in the best health as possible.

This includes dedicated at-home oral care and visiting ProCare Family Dental twice a year. This is the best way to avoid dental problems such as gum disease. Your visits to ProCare Family Dental, a Niles, IL area dentist, will include a thorough exam to identify any underlying issues that could cause major dental health issues.

If problems do exist, it’s imperative to catch them early. If issues such as gum disease , tooth decay, or even oral cancer are left untreated, they can cause serious damage to your overall health. We believe that routine visits with dental cleanings are essential to maintaining optimal health.

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Why Choose Our Practice?

  • A Clean & Safe Practice…”Your Health and Safety is our First Concern”
  • Our Promise to Patients….We Listen, Care and Explain (You will NOT feel rushed).
  • At ProCare Family Dental we provide Exceptional Dental Care in Morton Grove
  • The staff is friendly and helpful.They know your name and make you feel welcome.
  • We care for one patient at a time in a stress-free environment…So rest assured, you are always seated for your appointment on time, and you will see the same Dentist every time.
  • We are a Privately-Owned Family Dental Practice in Morton Grove, IL for over 20 years. While many dental practices have joined large, corporate-run groups, we are a Private Dental Practice. We will never be members of an impersonal, multi-corporate dental group or DSO (Dental Service Organization). This allows us the freedom and flexibility to give our patients a personalized experience and exceptional care.

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