Mercury-Free Dentistry

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What is Mercury-Free Dentistry?

Dental Amalgam (Silver) is a tooth filling material that is approximately 50% mercury, a highly polluting neurotoxin.  Today, countries around the world are phasing out the use of amalgam … and phasing up the use of mercury-free alternatives.

At ProCare Family Dental, we are a Mercury-Free, Mercury-Safe Dental Practice. Our office has embraced changes that eliminate mercury exposure and virtually eliminates the disposal of silver particles into the sewer system. That means:

  • We do not place any mercury-containing fillings (Dental Amalgam) into peoples’ teeth.
  • We use white (tooth colored) composite resin to fill cavities.
  • When removal of defective mercury-based fillings is needed we replace them with composite resin.

Extraoral Dental Suction Systems (ADS DENTAL SYSTEM)

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  •  We use Amalgam Separators in our Dental Suction System. This device designed to capture amalgam particles during silver fillings removal, from dental  office wastewater through sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, or a combination of these mechanisms. Then the Amalgam particles get recycled. This product is required by the EPA’s “Dental Rule” regulation on amalgam waste. 
  • That means we protect our patients, ourselves and the environment from unnecessary mercury exposure during removal of silver fillings.

Safe, healthy options for Mercury-Free Restorations include:

Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe Dentistry is part of ProCare Family Dental’s holistic approach to the health of your teeth, your overall health as well and the environment.

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